My First Step to Germany - Hochschulsommerkurs

Hello! Greetings from me to you, all german literature students who are probably starting to question theirselves : What will I do next? is there any way for me to go to Germany? Well I tell you : DREAM HIGH! There's always a way if you really want it.

Since I started to study German Literature at the University of Indonesia, I always set my goal to go to Germany to study. And on the 5th semester, my lecturer told me about the HSK (Hochschulsommerkurs) Programm from DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) and they suggested me to try to submit my application and I thought : 1 try won't hurt anyone. Then I had to pass the language exam which was OnDaF Test and my German language level was B1, so I can continue my application, together with my other 8 friends. Among all of us, 4 OF US GOT THE SCHOLARSHIP! Me and my friend discussed about our course choices, so that each one of us choose different course in different city, that is because we think that it would increase our opporunity to get the scholarship, so that we at least don't have to compete with one another. I chose the Sommerkurs programm at the Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg because I was really interested in their creative writing course and they also had DaF for teaching programm. Other than that, they also offered many activities and I also joined their theater group and at the end of the course we made a small theater show. I'll tell you more about the course in my next post, but now I want to explain more about the application.

All you need :

  • a german language certificate and the level depends on the qualification that your course demands. And for me, it was min. A2 level, but I made it to B1.

  • Online Bewerbungsformular / application form

  • Lebenslauf / CV

  • Motivationsschreiben / motivation letter (I think this is really important, build your motivation letter as convincing as possible, why you really need this scholarship and why you're the perfect candidate, but please don't write something too personal like whether you have money problem or family problem)

Then you can upload all of that to the DAAD-Portal and you also have to send all of them + Bewerbungszusammenfassung (list of all of your uploaded documents) + reference letter from one of your lecturer (it is important that this support your academic ability) via post to DAAD Jakarta.

And as long as I remember, you can choose not only 1 but 3 courses that come to your interrest.

You can find more about this program here : Scholarship Database - DAAD - Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst

What you'll get from this scholarship :

  • reimbursement for your flight ticket (but you have to buy your ticket first and then you'll get your money back at the course office)

  • a place to stay during the course (mostly in Studentenwohnheim, I got my own room back then, but some of my friends got a room mate too, which I find good, so that you can practice your german language everytime)

  • I got a Monatskarte from the university and I could us that to use the public transportation within the city

  • Reiseversicherung / travel insurance

  • cost for the Visa (you don't need to pay for the Visa application)

  • unforgetable memories and experiences and also new (best) friends from all over the world :)

My course started on August 3 and ended on August 27, 2017. But then I extend my stay and go to Frankfurt am Main with my friend, together we stay at a hotel in the red light district :) don't think that I would do something bad there, no no, I was planning to get some data for my Bachelorarbeit there. And I'll tell you more about my experience in Frankfurt for the first time later. And for now, I hope you'll find your path to Germany too!