Hochschulsommerkurs in Bamberg

Hello! This time I'm gonna write about my activities when I was in Bamberg. My course took place for almost a month. I'm really grateful that I got this opportunity because I could have a lot of new friend from another countries, like Rusia, Japan, Korean, Jordania, USA, etc. I knew no one at first because I was the only one from Indonesia. I got a Gästekarte / guest card that I could use to topup some money to buy food at the Mensa or to wash my laundry at the Studentenwohnheim. The card looks like this :

I got my own room at a Studentenwohnheim / student dorm at Pestalozzistraße. The room was nice and fully furnished. The location is really strategic, near from bus stations and supermarkets like Aldi-Süd, Rewe, and Netto.

This is my room :

On day one, we gathered in a Hörsaal / auditorium. I was so impressed that all of them can speak German. And then we received the programm and we got free laptop bag and post card as well! We basically could choose whatever classes we want to join, but because I wanted to learn everything, I joined almost all classes that are suitable for Sprachniveau / language level B1 and up. I took the linguistic classes, culture classes, DaF for teaching class, and I also took the kreatives Schreiben / creative writing class and Theater for my extra activity that I chose voluntarily. The creative writing and theater class were not obligatory because not only sitting in class, but you also have to produce something in class and present it at the end of the course, for example I wrote some article for the Sommeruni magazine and one of them is my 4"33' Gedicht (see here : https://bit.ly/3y2rU3n ) and I had to attend the Theater class every Saturday to make a good theater show for the last day. Here are some pictures from our theater performance "Es war einmal" where I played as Rotkäppchen and Hans' mother in Hans and Grettel:

Bamberg also has so many sculptures all around the city, they showed us the bamberger sculpture and told us the story behind it and the history. For example this one :

What really mesmerized me is the Bibliothek / library. I could also have access to the library using my guest card. The library is absolutely pretty and comfortable. Here's the university library :

Beside learning in class, we also had some Exkursion / field trip to nearby city like Würzburg. We also visited the Thomann warehouse, which is the biggest music warehouse in Germany (I also got my Thomann violin from there). We also watched a German chamber music concert. Then we also visited the StudioPark Franken, where we could learn about the German Sendung / broadcast. There's also a hidden gem in Bamberg and that is the Michaelsberg restaurant which is located on a hill. To get there, you should go through a wood door and climb up some stairs, but the view is absolutely beautiful from up there.

This is the Thomann warehouse :

And here's StudioPark Franken :

way up to Michaelsberg restaurant :

The beautiful view of Bamberg from Michaelsberg restaurant :

Michaelsberg's gate at night :

When I walked around the city, I found a shop that sells German traditional costumes, but they're really expensive, so I couldn't afford one and just saw them from outside the shop hahahaha

I learned a lot from this summer course, inside and outside the class. My german language is definitely getting so much better after a month in Germany (even my native lecturer said so and I'm so proud of it hahaha) probably because I had no other option, I had to speak German.

I hope I could visit Bamberg again someday. I miss that city already. I hope you could go there too someday, so that you can experience Bamberg too :)

Liebe Grüße