Short Trip in Frankfurt am Main

Hello Hello! I hope you are doing well :)

I forgot to tell you about my short trip with my friend, Etha, in Frankfurt am Main. After my summer course had ended, me and Etha stayed in Frankfurt am Main for a couple days for my research and I also wanted to meet my friends. We stayed at the Smart City Hotel at the Bahnhofsviertel, right in the red light district of Frankfurt and also right next to Konsumraum. The hotel was really nice, but everytime we went out of the lobby, we saw drunk people or people using narcotics, but we weren't worry so much about that, as long as we mind our own bussiness, they won't disturb us. And my friend also work at the Konsumraum, it is a place where people can use narcotics savely, because they'll be given clean equipments and they're health condition will be checked.

Frankfurt/Main itself is a big city, bigger than Bamberg. it looks almost like the center of Jakarta, but it is still pedestrian-friendly. The view from over the bridge is really pretty at night.

I really enjoyed my time at Frankfurt only by sitting by the river with my ice cream and book until the sun goes down.

We went back to the hotel after dark, but we always buy some meal on the way home and the unique part of Frankfurt's red light is : you can find hallal meal easily there (like kebab etc.). Even though there's a big sex shop, Dr. Müller's, around the corner. This is how streets at Frankfurt's Bahnhofsviertel in the morning look like, it'll be full of people in the night, but i was too afraid to take picture at night there:

What I also love from this city is the street musicians. They really show their talent! Some even bring a grand piano and sell their album! So I feel like they really deserve the money that we give them.

On the last day, we visited my frined. She had a performance in a church in Frankfurt. That was an Indonesian people gathering and my friend danced a betawi dance (she's really good at it). But then suddenly my friend asked me to sing with Mr. Michael Damani, an indonesian male singer who sang at the event. So here I was, singing awkwardly with a singer in a church hahahaha

but at the end of the day, i thanked her very much for the opportunity and the humble invitation. That was such a wonderful experience!

And so was our trip in Frankfurt. Now it's time for us to go home.

Liebe Grüße