How to learn German language in the middle of pandemic

Hello! long time no post :D I hope you're all doing well and stay healthy. This Corona pandemic has affected various sectors for more than a year, one of which is the education sector. Schools and private courses are closed, some even have to close their bussiness. It's not only hard for bussiness owners, but also for students. Online learning is not the perfect choice for some of my students, hence I tell them so many other ways to improve their german language skill. Here are those :

  1. Online learning with Lernhaus Id

My students usually learn with me twice a week, but I always ask them to use the language everyday so that they won't forget what they've learned. Lernhaus Id provides best tutors for german language learning with interactive apps. The students will be able to still practice conversation, listening, writing, reading, and even grammar remotely with their tutors. Go check their instagram : LERNHAUS 🇮🇩 🇩🇪 ( • Instagram photos and videos . They also post some interesting informations related to Germany or german language every week that you might be intrested in. The tutors are really friendly and helpful, they'll gladly answer what ever questions you have and will help you to pursue your dream to go to Germany. They can teach you in bahasa Indonesia, english, or full german language.

2. Listen to EasyGerman Podcast or watch EasyGerman Youtube videos

You can improve your listening skill by listening to EasyGerman Podcast. They speak Hochdeutsch with clear pronounciation and relatively slower then most germans would speak so that we can understand it better. You can check their website here Easy German , youtube channel, or their podcast on Spotify. They make contents that will help you to understand the culture in Germany more.

3. Watch Series and News on ZDF Mediathek or ARD Mediathek

You can download the ZDFMediathek and ARD-Mediathek app on Playstore or Appstore. By wathcing series and daily news, you'll get use to the language, the accent, and the speaking flow. The context and the visual of the series or the news will help you as well to understand it better.

4. Play with Duolingo

Game will release the stress that you got from online learning. With Duolingo, you still can learn something or review what you already knew without feeling like you have to learn something. That's why I always say to my students : If they love to play video games, please change the language to german, so that you won't feel stressed about learning the language because you're focusing on the game. I find that Duolingo is a helpful app to remember or learn vocabularies.

5. Get new international friends from Tandem

You can download Tandem from Appstore or Playstore for free. There you'll find so many people from all around the world who are learning new language(s) and also native in german language. You can exchange your knowledge with them, especially when you find someone who wants to learn your native language and you want to learn theirs. Who knows that you might find a new best friend there.

6. Change your phone language into german language

This will help you to get used to german language on your daily basis. People nowadays check their phone almost every minute. Just try it and by the time you'll get used to the term "Akku laden" then "charging", "posten" then "post", "folgen" instead of "follow, "anrufen" instead of "call", etc.

That's all! I hope this could help you to improve your german language skill (and I also hope that this would motivate you more to learn german). Everything's hard at the beginning, but as the time flies, you'll be able to understand all things better then before :) So, never stop learning!

liebe Grüße